For an institution to be effective in achieving its goals, those goals must be clearly stated and must be capable of measurement. At Penn View Bible Institute an earnest effort is made to assist each student to realize each of the following objectives in his life. We seek to help the student:


  • to know Christ as personal Savior; to develop an ever more intimate relationship with Him,
  • to cultivate a love for the Bible, the Word of God, as the source of our knowledge of salvation and as a guide for our living a holy life in this present world,
  • to realize the value of total commitment of one’s life to Christ and to make that commitment,
  • to develop a Christian character consistent with New Testament teaching,
  • to learn how to discover the will of God for his life, and
  • to discover an area of service in the church that will give purpose and direction to his life.


  • to develop the social graces which are becoming to those who profess Christ as Savior and Lord,
  • to become skillful in the cultivation of interpersonal relationships, and
  • to become aware that he does not stand alone, but is a responsible member of several social structures: family, church, nation, and world.


  • to obtain such knowledge in the area of general education as will prepare him for ministry in contemporary society,
  • to achieve an understanding of basic Bible content and to develop an appreciation of the completeness and the adequacy of the written revelation,
  • to arrive at an understanding of the basic doctrinal teachings of Scripture, and
  • to achieve a level of proficiency in professional studies consonant with the beginning Christian worker.

Official Statement

Penn View is a quality school that trains pastors, missionaries, musicians, school teachers, children’s workers, and other Christian workers. Please note that Penn View does not offer degrees. The school is not a degree-granting institution in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Penn View Bible Institute does offer post-secondary education in a spiritual atmosphere, all in obedience to the commands of Scripture. The programs culminate in a Certificate for the one-year, and an Advanced Diploma for the four-year program. Our four-year Advanced Diploma is high quality postsecondary education, similar to that of other Bible schools. Whatever the nature of the award conferred upon the completion of studies, the objective remains academic excellence in the context of total devotion to God and dedicated service to the Lord Jesus Christ.