BI 111 Old Testament Survey 3 hrs An introduction to the Old Testament with emphasis on the content of each book, as well as the relationship of the message of each book to the message of the whole. Prerequisite to all other Bible Courses. REQUIRED


BI 112 New Testament Survey 3 hrs A thorough examination of the authorship, historical setting, and principal teachings of the New Testament, with attention given to the inter-testamental period, general structure, main events, characters, and the teachings in relation to contemporary life. Prerequisite to all other Bible courses. REQUIRED


BI 121 Gospels I 3 hrs Part One of an exegetical and historical study of the life of Christ. Special emphasis is given to prophecies concerning Christ, His Incarnation, His genealogies, His forerunner, divinity, Virgin Birth, His early life, His baptism, temptation, selection of the Twelve, and His early ministry and teachings, including the Sermon on the Mount. REQUIRED


BI 122 Gospels II 3 hrs Part Two of an exegetical and historical study of the life of Christ. Special emphasis is given to such topics as Christ’s parables, His miracles, healings, His dealings with the disciples, His teaching of the people, His later Judean and Galilean ministry, the Passion Week, the post-Resurrection appearances and His ascension into heaven. REQUIRED


BI 212 Acts 3 hrs A study of the development of the early church from the ascension of Christ to the imprisonment of Paul in Rome. Special attention is given to Pentecost, the Jerusalem Council and the establishment of the Gentile churches. REQUIRED


BI 221 Pentateuch I (Genesis) 3 hrs A detailed study of the first book of the Bible emphasizing a grasp of the content and the relationship of each part to the entire book. Special attention given to the Mosaic authorship and to the importance of chapters 1-11. REQUIRED


BI 222 Pentateuch II (Exodus to Deuteronomy) 3 hrs In this study the importance of the account of the Exodus is emphasized. The significance of the sacrificial system is treated. The moral and spiritual lessons of the book of Numbers and the theology of Deuteronomy are dealt with in detail. ELECTIVE


BI 231 Historical Books 3 hrs A study of the Old Testament from Joshua through Esther. Emphasis is placed upon the development of the nation of Israel. Special areas of consideration are the settlement of Palestine, The Establishment of the monarchy, national division and degeneration, the captivity and the restoration. ELECTIVE


BI 232 Isaiah 3 hrs A study of the prophecies of the advent of Christ, Israel, and the Gentile nations, the Church, and future events. His message and prophecy are examined against the religious, social, and moral conditions of Israel and Judah during his time. ELECTIVE


BI 241 Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel 3 hrs An examination of each prophet from a biographical viewpoint and of his message, not only to his people but to our generation. Attention is given to both the historical and prophetic message of each.. ELECTIVE


BI 242 Bible Geography 3 hrs A study of the climate and major topographical and geographical features of Palestine in the setting of her Near/Middle Eastern neighbors in Bible times. Some attention will be given to historical events of the various periods. ELECTIVE


BI 312 Biblical Hermeneutics 3 hrs A study of the principles necessary for the interpretation of Scripture, including principles for prophecy, understanding parables, Hebrew poetry, figurative language and types. Attention given to current issues and trends in interpretation. REQUIRED


BI 321 Minor Prophets 3 hrs A study of social and prophetic significance of the prophets Hosea to Malachi. Special attention is given to the distinctive message of each and their meaning for us today. ELECTIVE


BI 331 Wisdom Literature 3 hrs A study of Job, Psalms, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. The nature of Hebrew poetry will be considered. Emphasis will be placed on the book of Psalms. ELECTIVE


BI 332 Biblical Archeology 3 hrs An introduction into the nature and purpose of Biblical archeology with an emphasis on the enhancement of our understanding of the Biblical world as a result of archeological discoveries. ELECTIVE


BI 342 Corinthian Epistles 3 hrs The study of these two epistles will emphasize the principles outlines by Paul for the personal Christian life and for the New Testament Church. REQUIRED


BI 351 Galatians & Prison Epistles 3 hrs An exegetical and devotional study of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon. REQUIRED


BI 361 General Epistles 3 hrs An exegetical and devotional study of James, I and II Peter, I-III John and Jude. ELECTIVE


BI 412 Romans 3 hrs An exegetical and practical study of this most important doctrinal epistle. Emphasis is placed on the doctrinal teachings of the letter as they relate to practical Christian living. REQUIRED


BI 421 Hebrews 3 hrs This study emphasizes Christ the High Priest as fulfillment in the New Covenant of the Mosaic ceremonial law of the Old Covenant. ELECTIVE


BI 432 Thessalonians & Pastoral Epistles 3 hrs An exegetical and devotional study of I and II Thessalonians and I and II Timothy and Titus. REQUIRED


BI 442 Daniel & Revelation 3 hrs A study of the prophetic relationship between, and the practical significance of these books. The major prophetic themes–the second advent, tribulation, millennium, etc., will be treated. ELECTIVE