MU 100 Elements of Music 3 hrs Designed to give the beginning music students a basic understanding of the rudiments of music including staff, piano keyboard, clefs, note values, meter, intervals, scales, key signatures, and the conductor’s beat. No credit granted toward music diploma to music students. REQUIRED

MU 112 Music Theory I 3 hrs The study of intervals and the major and minor triads by writing, playing, singing, and listening, the connection of chords, part-writing techniques, non-harmonic tones, and cadences. REQUIRED

MU 211 Music Theory II 3 hrs Continuation of MU 112. Further analysis and harmonization, the diminished triad, melodic composition, basic chord progressions, bass counterpoint, and the dominant seventh. Prerequisite: MU 112. REQUIRED

MU 212 Music Theory III 3 hrs The continued study of chords, modulation, the augmented triad, modes, and two-part counterpoint. Prerequisite: MU 112, MU 211. REQUIRED

MU 221 Music Theory IV 3 hrs Review and advanced study in the technique and use of chords, and non-harmonic tones, seventh chords, altered chords, and augmented sixth chords. There is also creative work in this class. Prerequisite: MU 112, MU 211, MU 212 REQUIRED

MU 231 Introduction to Music Literature 3 hrs A study of significant musical works and composers from the Gothic Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth Century periods of music. A structural and stylistic analysis of this music through intelligent listening. REQUIRED

MU 252 Service Playing & Accompaniment 3 hrs Emphasis on hymn and evangelistic style of playing as well as a study of the art of accompanying. Practical experience in the campus services to put into practice the material learned in this course. Prerequisite: Piano Proficiency. REQUIRED

MU 261 Principles of Conducting 2 hrs The basics of leading congregational singing, choosing hymns and gospel songs, and platform techniques. REQUIRED

MU 262 Advanced Conducting 2 hrs Principles and techniques of instrumental and choral conducting, score reading, and interpretation, with practical experience in campus choirs and recorded music. REQUIRED

MU 271 Hymnology 2 hrs The study of hymns and their composers. Presents the history of hymns from Old Testament times to the present with concentration on the influences on American and evangelical hymnody. REQUIRED

MU 272 Music in the Bible 3 hrs A study of the principles and practice of music throughout Biblical history and application for church music ministry today. REQUIRED

MU 321 Music History I 3 hrs Tracing music in western civilization from antiquity through 1750. Also contains a survey of Biblical music of early times. Discussion of the composers and their music and what brought about the changes in music. Some listening is required. Prerequisite: MU 231 REQUIRED

MU 322 Music History II 3 hrs Continuation of the study of music history and its forms from 1750 to the present. A study of the great masters and their music, closing with discussion of modern forms and trends. An extensive written theme and some listening are required. REQUIRED

MU 331 Voice Pedagogy & Literature 3 hrs A study of various methods of teaching voice and a survey of the literature available. REQUIRED

MU 332 Choral Methods 3 hrs Techniques of choral development including choral blend and balance, rehearsal techniques, audition procedures, development of a repertoire, motivation, and discipline. Prerequisite: MU 232. REQUIRED

MU 361 Percussion & Brass Pedagogy 3 hrs Class instruction in the basic techniques of playing the various percussion and brass instruments of the band and orchestra, with teaching principles and general information. REQUIRED

MU 362 String & Woodwind Pedagogy 3 hrs Class instruction in the basic techniques of playing string and woodwind instruments with teaching principles and general information. REQUIRED

MU 371 Teaching Elementary and Junior High Music 3 hrs Principles, methods, and materials of music education in elementary and junior high Christian schools, including singing, sight reading, rhythm, listening and conducting. REQUIRED

MU 372 Teaching Secondary Music 3 hrs Principles, methods, and materials of music education in secondary Christian schools, including singing, sight reading, rhythm, listening, composing, and conducting. REQUIRED

MU 411 Church Music Administration 3 hrs Designed to enable the learner to plan and administer the music program of the local church. Emphasizes the administrative responsibilities of the minister of music, leadership in music, graded choir programs, and music for children and youth. Includes a survey of hymnody. REQUIRED

MU 431 Piano Pedagogy & Literature 3 hrs A study of all phases of piano teaching and a survey of piano methods, also an introduction to the various types of literature available for the piano. REQUIRED

MU 471 Church Music Internship 2 hrs Guided experience in organizing and administrating the music ministry in a local church, including the directing of various groups, leading the congregational singing, and preparing the arrangements for special music. The student will be supervised by the music director or pastor in a church approved by the music department. Prerequisite: MU 411. REQUIRED

MU 481 Music Student Teaching 8 hrs Preparation and classroom performance in actually teaching music at the elementary and secondary levels, including classroom and private lessons. Prerequisites: Pedagogies and approval by the music faculty. REQUIRED

MU — Applied Music MU 120, 121, 122 Voice ½, 1, 2 hr(s) A study in the fundamentals of singing and vocal techniques with a repertoire ranging from sacred music to songs of art and the classics from the masters of music.

MU 130, 131, 132 Piano ½, 1, 2 hr(s) Private instruction in piano techniques with special instruction in major and minor scales, phrasing, modulations, and transposing. Instructional compositions range from classical selections of the great composers to hymn transcriptions. Instruction in hymn playing and evangelistic style.

MU 140, 141, 142 Orchestral Instruments ½, 1, 2 hr(s) Private instruction in brass, woodwinds and strings with special emphasis in scales, phrasing, intonation, interpretation and transposing. Instructional compositions range from the classics to hymn arrangements. Instruction in percussion is also available.