Practical Theology

PT 100 Freshman Orientation 1 hr The course prepares the student for college life through an understanding of the academic study skills, spiritual priorities, and other general aspects of Bible Institute education. REQUIRED

PT 122 Personal Evangelism I 1 hr The course provides an opportunity for the student to explore ways of doing personal evangelism. Students will study the plan of salvation with a view to communicating the message to others and will gain experience through actual personal contacts. The course focuses on the Message. REQUIRED

PT 221 Personal Evangelism II 1 hr Practical instruction for the soul winner’s personal life will include spiritual qualities, personal finance, self-knowledge, and suggestions on how to be an effective witness. Student will gain experience through actual personal contacts. The course focuses on the Messenger. REQUIRED

PT 222 Personal Evangelism III 1 hr Students will receive practical insights on visitation, bus, nursing home, and prison ministries. Actual personal contacts are required. The course will focus on Methods. REQUIRED

PT 331 Personal Evangelism IV 1 hr The professor will assign a ministry/evangelism project in the student’s area of interest. The outreach will be planned by the student, then guided and evaluated by the instructor. Prerequisites: PT 122, PT 221, PT 222. ELECTIVE

PT 311 Child Evangelism 3 hrs A study of the child and methods of child evangelism with emphasis upon childhood conversion and character building. REQUIRED

PT 312 Child Evangelism Practicum 3 hrs The student will gain practical experience through the preparation, presentation, and evaluation of five children’s evangelistic services including theme, props, Bible stories, extra-Biblical stories, memory verses, choruses, object lessons, continued story, missions emphasis, and review techniques. Prerequisite: PT 311. REQUIRED

PT 321 Pastoral Ministries 3 hrs A study in ministerial ethics, parish visitation, pastoral responsibilities for weddings and funerals, methods of conducting baptism and communion, and pulpit behavior. Gives attention to the practices and problems of pastoral work and church leadership. REQUIRED

PT 342 Teaching Bible Practicum 3 hrs Application of principles and methods of teaching Bible, including observation, developing a series of Bible lessons, teaching those lessons under the supervision of an experienced teacher, while utilizing a number of different teaching methods. Teaching will be done in a variety of settings and age groups. Prerequisite: ED 322, ED 331, and approval of the applicant REQUIRED

PT 431 Biblical Counseling 3 hrs A study of the skills and techniques of Biblical counseling including diagnostics, therapy and special cases. REQUIRED

PT 432 Leadership & Administration 3 hrs A course designed to develop leadership potential in students and to familiarize them with administrative responsibilities including organization, delegation, record keeping, reporting, financial budgeting, time management and accountability to supporters, the ministry organization, and the government(s). REQUIRED

PT 411 Introduction to Homiletics 3 hrs The basic principles of sermon construction and illustration with attention to the value of preaching in the church today. Practice preaching. Prerequisite: LL 211. REQUIRED

PT 412 Advanced Homiletics 3 hrs Further work in sermon construction and practice preaching. Critical analysis of great sermons. Prerequisite: LL 211, PT 411 REQUIRED

PT 421 Ministerial Internship I & II 3 + 3 hrs Practical experience in the pastorate at an approved church under the supervision of the pastor. Report of activities required. Details of requirements available from the chairman of the Ministerial Department. REQUIRED

PT 422 Missionary Internship I & II 3 + 3 hrs Practical experience on an approved mission field under the supervision of an experienced missionary. Report of activities required. Details of requirements available from the chairman of the Missions Department. REQUIRED