TH 111 Principles of Christian Living I 1 hr A practical study designed to lead the student into a satisfying Christian experience. The course will stress personal inductive Bible study, a notebook on personal prayer requests and answers, as well as class interaction on ideas that have been meaningful in the prayer lives of the students. REQUIRED

TH 112 Principles of Christian Living II 1 hr Continuing to emphasize personal prayer and Bible study, the course will introduce some of the classic devotional literature and combine it with biographies or journals of great Christians to provide the student with resources to enrich his own spiritual life. REQUIRED

TH 221 Christian Beliefs 3 hrs This survey of basic Christian doctrine develops a foundational theology. The fundamental teachings are established by inductive and topical Bible studies. REQUIRED

TH 222 Theology of Holiness 3 hrs An exploration of the Wesleyan doctrine of the second work of grace or entire sanctification. Beginning with the nature of man, Bible teaching on personal holiness is treated. REQUIRED

TH 312 Christian Apologetics 3 hrs A study of the strength of Christianity as a revealed religion. Emphasis will be placed on aiding others to see the reasonableness of the Christian faith with a view to their conversion to Christ. Prerequisite: PR 211. ELECTIVE

TH 321 Systematic Theology I 3 hrs A comprehensive study of the Christian doctrines of revelation, God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. REQUIRED

TH 322 Systematic Theology II 3 hrs A comprehensive study of the Christian doctrines of man, sin, salvation, the church and the consummation of the age. REQUIRED

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