Student Ministry Opportunities

Penn View Bible Institute offers a variety of student ministry opportunities, allowing students to actively engage in service, outreach, and leadership roles within the local area.

InterServe: Inter-serve provides a variety of student led ministry opportunities for the utilization of skills learned in class.

Nursing Home: Opportunities for students to minister through music, speaking, and personal visitation to a specific age group.

Prayer Station: A Street ministry venue for students to pray with different individuals who stop by a prayer booth.

Children’s Bible Club: Student children’s ministries opportunities within the local church. (Kid’s club, Sunday School classes, Youth activities, etc)

University Evangelism: Student opportunities to witness to, hand out gospel literature, street preach, and spiritually interact with students at a local college or university.

Tract distribution: Student gospel literature distribution in local communities assigned by the ministerial director in conjunction with evangelism classes.

Ministerial Association: Student opportunities for supply preaching and teaching within the context of the local church.

Instrumental Ensemble – The Instrumental Ensemble (usually brass instruments) is elected from the band, and performs at both on-and-off-campus activities.

Orchestra – A combination of musicians from various majors, the orchestra performs at the major school functions and concerts as well as in area churches. The members are accepted at the discretion of the band director. The repertoire is designed as a learning experience for the performers as well as the appreciation of the audience.

College Choir – The Chapel Choir is composed of members selected by the music faculty through audition. The Chapel Choir travels throughout the year in school representation. In addition, the Choir tours at Christmas and Easter. Anyone anticipating membership in the Chapel Choir should be prepared to participate in all the scheduled activities.

Praise Singers, Heritage, and Majesty – These groups perform during the school year at functions both on and off campus. They also travel during the summer in school representation. Members are selected by the music faculty through audition.

Vocal Ensembles – In addition to the official representative groups, other small singing groups are organized from time to time on the basis of demand and availability of students. Participation in one of these groups may provide experience for participation in one of the official representative groups.